Station Rules

We pride ourselves on having a minimalist rule set. However, that doesn't mean we don't take our rules seriously. We require all of our community members to be aware of and abide by these rules. Also, remember the Platinum rule: treat others the way they would want to be treated. If an action that you're about to take is within the listed rules, but its sole purpose is to degrade from others' fun, we encourage you to reconsider before carrying it through.

1. Cooperate with Administration
If a member of administration is interacting with you in an official capacity, we ask that you please comply with their instructions. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly, please record the incident and submit an official complaint on the forums, as we will always hold our staff accountable for their actions. Excessive arguing and blatant disregard for administrative requests will only complicate the process.

2. Maintain Character
Playing on our server requires that you remain in character throughout the round. We ask that you refrain from using 'net speak' over speech channels, and that you do your best to maintain good grammar and punctuation. We also ask that characters are named in the standard 'First name Last name' format (Middle names are permissible), and that they are not named after excessively famous or well-known individuals from real life or fiction. While not required, we openly welcome all forms of extended role play, and it is encouraged to develop and maintain as realistic of a character as you feel comfortable representing. Erotic Role Play, otherwise known as ERP, is permissible as long as an attempt is made to be in a secluded location during portrayed sexual acts.

3. Refrain from Meta gaming
We ask that you refrain from Meta gaming, which we will define as acting upon knowledge that your character could not have known by themselves. This knowledge could be obtained through any number of channels, including: Friends communicating with you through 3rd party software or in person, observation of game patterns or events that you recognize but your character would not, exploits or bugs, and Out Of Character chat, among other means. We also ask, in the event that you are communicating with friends using 3rd party software or in person, that you interact with their character as you would any other character on the server. This means that while you and your friend may discuss what you plan to do prior to performing an action, we still wish to see those thoughts expressed through your characters, as opposed to you and your friend silently executing a series of complex acts with perfect precision and no in-character coordination.

4. Refrain from Power gaming
We ask that you refrain from Power gaming, which we will define as playing the game with the intent to 'win' taking precedence above all else. Power gaming can take place in a number of ways, including: arming or preparing your character with an exceptional amount of gear for events that may or may not occur, refusing to allow close contact with other characters out of irrational suspicion that they may be an antagonist, blocking off or refusing access to certain areas of the station 'just in case,' and neglecting to maintain character out of an express intent to 'win,' where winning can take a number of forms, such as surviving, completing antagonist objectives, advancing department goals, etc. While winning is fun, rewarding, and important, please remember that it is not the only aspect that adds to the enjoyment of Space Station 13.

5. Do not neglect your role
We ask that you put your role first and foremost, especially during the beginning of a round. Certain jobs possess responsibilities that, when not performed, result in a much less enjoyable experience for everyone. While Space Station 13 is most certainly a game, please ensure to perform your role so that the game keeps on running as it should.
Also, we ask that job guidelines are followed where applicable. New Eden Station is able to afford a minimalist rule set in part because we expect roles such as Security Officer and AI to follow guidelines. When jobs such as these follow guidelines, it provides an In Character buffer for what would have otherwise required intervention by a member of administration. We strive for the purest Space Station 13 experience possible; do your part so that administration can keep out of the game.

6. Be Reasonable and Realistic
While we love seeing how players respond to situations in unique manners, we ask that you maintain a level of reason in your decisions regarding certain aspects of play, specifically if you are not an antagonist. Altercations between characters should follow a moderately reasonable level of escalation. Being punched does not give you permission to orchestrate the offender's violent demise. It does give you a perfectly valid reason to fight back, or teach them a lesson they won't soon forget. This can quickly become a valid lethal fight. That doesn't mean that killing should always be the goal, however. While assisting antagonists is also reasonable, getting recruited or coerced into helping one does not give you free reign to act like an antagonist.

7. Common Sense rules
These rules shouldn't have to be stated, but we need something to point to in case they are violated.

I. No Blatant Griefing
Playing with the intention to cause grief to a single player or a number of them. Examples of this behavior could include: murdering a large number of players as a non-antagonist with little to no valid reasoning, setting off large explosives as a non-antagonist with little to no valid reasoning, consistently ruining other players' work as a non-antagonist with little to no valid reasoning, etc.

II. No non-consensual Erotic Role Play
Repeatedly attempting to initiate ERP with another player who has expressed their discontent over LOOC or OOC chat is expressly disallowed.

III. No Harassment
The repeated use of hate speech in LOOC, OOC, or dead chat, is frowned upon. If we receive a complaint, or we deem this behavior to be excessive, we will ask you to stop. Hate speech can be defined as speech directed towards any class of individuals that belittles, demeans, or alienates said class of individuals, regardless whether or not that was the intent.

IV. No Ban Evasion or Multi Keying
We will define ban evasion as any attempt to circumvent, negate, or circumnavigate a ban on our server. Attempting or participating in this behavior is a severe transgression and will be treated as such. We encourage all players to attempt a ban appeal if they feel that they deserve to be released from their punishment.
We will define multi keying as using multiple BYOND accounts to participate in a single round, regardless of intent. This behavior is expressly forbidden.

V. No IC Information in OOC chat
Revealing IC information to the rest of the server is extremely poor form, as it can ruin the round for characters possessing objectives or itineraries that must remain secret. Please refrain from releasing IC information over OOC chat channels.

Breaking any of these rules does not come with a set punishment. We do not hold our administration to a strict guideline as to what punishments to give out for a given offense. We believe in intent first and foremost, followed by server history and contribution to the community. While the server administration has full discretion in terms of what the punishment is for breaking a rule, by not having a strict guideline we are allowing ourselves to take a holistic approach towards the offending player. If we believe that you did not possess ill-intent, and we see that you are a consistent positive influence on our community, then you can expect to simply be reminded of the rules. If you are consistently breaking the rules, or do so with expressly malicious intent, and we do not see a history of positive contribution to the New Eden Station community, then you can expect to be removed from the server, whether that be for a set period of time, or indefinitely.

Any punishment longer than a 48 hour ban can be the subject of an appeal on the forums, using the appropriate format.