New Eden Station

From its humble beginnings in 2012 to now, New Eden Station has always maintained its commitment to providing exciting and memorable experiences for its community. With a minimalist rule book, an experienced staff, and a number of unique features, we promise to give our players a Space Station experience that they'll keep coming back for.

A Little About Us

A Simple Philosophy

Our methodology is simple; we don't want our players to be hindered by bloated rules, constantly having to double check a list to ensure their actions won't land them in trouble. We also don't want the limitless possibilities of SS13 to be restricted to a small subset of 'acceptable' events. That's why we keep a minimalist rule set; we want our players to make their own stories without having to worry about being boxed in.

Humble Beginnings

New Eden Station began back in 2012, and through its various iterations has always been able to achieve top of the hub status, despite cycling through over four owners and various staff. How? Simply put, we are committed to providing a one-of-a-kind SS13 experience, and we have always strove to reflect that in every feature addition, staff rotation, and rule decision.

Commitment To Quality

At New Eden Station, our number one goal is to ensure that our players have a wonderful SS13 experience. That's why we're committed to maintaining a professional and cohesive staff who will work tirelessly to make the New Eden experience better for you. Feedback and constructive criticism are not only welcomed, but encouraged; we want to hear how we can make being a part of our community more enjoyable for everyone.

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A Team Dedicated to Success

At New Eden Station, each and every one of us is devoted to giving you the best possible experience on our server. Here are some of the names that go into managing our community. Don't be afraid to stop by just to say hello!

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While we're willing to give the New Eden Station code to anyone who asks for it, we believe that it is in the best interest of our community to keep our GitHub repository private. One of the most exciting and rewarding parts of playing Space Station 13 is discovering something new; if we were to keep our code posted publicly, we would very quickly arrive at a state where all of our hidden secrets were no longer hidden. This robs newer players of the chance to make these discoveries for themselves.

That being said, we're completely willing to work with you if you have any questions; simply ask us about any system or module within the game, and we'll not only explain its inner workings, but provide you with a complete copy of the feature's code, along with any specific instructions regarding its implementation.

If you have permissions enabling you to view our GitHub repository, you can access it below.